“Godzilla vs. Kong” dubbed voice actor Shinsuke Kasai appears in a long-cherished desire ─ “I’ve never been so happy”

Scheduled to be released in Japan on May 14, 2021Godzilla vs KongShinsuke Kasai, a free announcer, was appointed as a guest voice actor for the Japanese dubbed version.I understood it.

Shinsuke Kasai is known as an enthusiastic Godzilla fan. ✕ He has also appeared in “Mecha Godzilla” (2002) (including Cameo who appeared in the company without permission).

Kasai is the role of Guillermin, the commander of Monarch, a special agency played by Lance Reddick. Exciting comments have been delivered.

“So far, I’ve appeared in four Godzilla movies, and I told Ken Watanabe,” Senior! (Laughs), but it’s great to hear from the Hollywood version of Godzilla! In this way, I also appeared in the Hollywood version and participated in both Japanese and American works. When it comes to that, I feel like I’ve become top-notch (laughs). When I say this, my senior announcer Shinichi Karube will get angry at me saying, “You’re misunderstanding. It’s probably a dubbing appearance!” ( (Laughs). It’s always said, “Don’t tell Ken-san that you’ve appeared in four Godzilla works, even though you just played the role of the edge!” (Laughs). But the appearance of this work is still wonderful. My family was very pleased with it. I have never been so happy.

It was my first time to dubb a live-action film, and I was really worried when I played the role of Guillermin, the commander of the special agency Monarch. In advance, I received a rough main video with a copy prohibition warning notation, and I thought that I should make a role of Guillermin by watching the whole story, but as a Godzilla fan for many years, I saw the whole story with this rough video Is it okay? Is it okay to read the script and know the content with just the letters? I was worried. As a result, I narrowed down to only the appearance scene of Guillermin! I don’t know anything else! So there is no role to play! (Laughs) I have to apologize to director Adam Wingard. But I want to see Godzilla on a big screen! (Lol)

Actually, at the time of dubbing, let’s ask the dubbing director to tell us the setting of a former politician who is not in the script, and let’s include more politician-like aspects than just military personnel! We were particular about directing and created the character together. I’m worried about how much I was able to respond to the production, but I’m glad that you said that you did your best.

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