“Godzilla vs. Kong” new poster released in the US ─ “One crown for two kings”, one loses

A movie that crosses over the Hollywood version of “GODZILLA Godzilla” series and “King Kong: Skull Island” (2017)Godzilla vs KongHas released a new poster visual featuring Godzilla, the destructive god, King Kong, the guardian god, and each of the two major monsters.

This work begins with “GODZILLA Godzilla” released in 2014MonsterverseThe culmination of the works. Godzilla, who reigned as the king of monsters in the previous work “Godzilla King of Monsters” (2019), and King Kong, who reappeared in front of humankind for more than 45 years from “King Kong: Skull Island Giant God” Finally confront each other and fight fiercely.

The two images released this time have the words “One Will Fall”. In each of the first and second sheets, the huge hands of Godzilla and King Kong are projected in a large size, and the opponent is standing in the distance. The finish depicts the perspectives of each of the two major monsters facing each other in the collapsed city. Only one of the monsters stands at the top, as the post says, “One crown for two kings.”

The stage of “Godzilla vs. Kong” is five years after “Godzilla King of Monsters”. Monarch, a secret research institute, is said to have begun a plan to send monsters on the ground back to the underground cavity. As part of that, he tries to transfer King Kong, which lives on Skull Island, to Antarctica, but Godzilla will appear on that route.

The movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” will be released nationwide on May 14, 2021 (Friday).

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