“Godzilla vs. Kong” overseas fastest review, enthusiastic about monster confrontation ─ Voice of “series best masterpiece”, concerns about human part

moviesGodzilla vs KongIs approaching the US release on March 31, 2021. Critics and journalists in their home countries are quick to watch the “Fateful Battle” ahead of this.

Hollywood version “GODZILLA GodzillaSeries and “Kong: Skull Island Giant God”(2017)MonsterverseWhat is the culmination of “?” Previous work “Godzilla King of Monsters』(2019) What is Godzilla’s next battle that collided with Mothra Radon King Ghidorah? And what is the growth of King Kong that appears in the play after about 50 years …?

Shannon McGlue(critic)

“‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is a visual spectacle that focuses on the astonishing fight scenes of two big monsters. Wingard’s production style shows everything in a colorful and surprising way, while also showing the’monsters’ of the 1980s. Remind me.Needless to say, a fun movie!

Peri Nemirov(Collider)

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