“Godzilla vs. Kong” US box office, breakthrough beyond “TENET” ─ Became the biggest hit movie after the new Corona

Godzilla vs KongContinues to make good progress. According to a report from the US Box Office, this work, which was released in the US on March 31, 2021,US box office revenue of $ 69.5 million after the second weekend, reaching 357.8 million worldwidedid.

This is the fastest paced movie released after the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Already surpassing the cumulative worldwide box office revenue of $ 166.26 million for “Wonder Woman 1917” (2020), it is expected to soon reach the record of $ 363.13 million for “TENET Tennet.” The US box office revenue of $ 57.93 million has already been exceeded in the second week of its release.

In China, it has set a record of $ 136.5 million, which is about twice that of the United States. This is followed by Mexico with a record of $ 13.02 million and Australia with a record of $ 10.75 million.

The film, which has raised the stock price of a difficult US movie theater chain and is also hailed as the savior of the movie world, has also benefited HBO Max. According to a survey, HBO Max rose to 9th place just behind Netflix in the number of app downloads in the United States in Q1 of 2021. In addition, it ranks fifth in in-app purchases after YouTube, Tinder, Disney +, and Twitch. The US Variety has reported the presence of the work, saying that “Godzilla vs. Kong has made HBO Max dig into the top 10 Q1 app downloads.”

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is currently the biggest hit since the new coronavirus. Published in Japan on May 14, 2021. I would like to welcome Godzilla with a perfect system so that it can contribute to further records as the home country of Godzilla.

Source:Box Office,Deadline,Variety

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