“Godzilla vs. Kong” Why it’s less than 2 hours, the director’s commitment revealed ─ “There is no Snyder’cut in this movie”

Two big monsters clash in HollywoodGodzilla vs KongOf course, the scale of the monsters and works is huge, but it is a surprisingly compact size work. According to previous reports, the screening time of this work is 113 minutes (1 hour 53 minutes). Hollywood version “GODZILLA GodzillaSeries and “Kong: Skull Island Giant God』(2017)MonsterverseHowever, the shaku is the shortest of all four works.

Godzilla vs. King Kong, why did the battle of the century fit into this volume? Director Adam Wingard has told Variety his enthusiasm for keeping the film in less than two hours.

“For fans, will it be a three-hour movie? So when it was announced that (the movie) was a little less than two hours, “When was the director’s cut?” “I immediately thought, but I like movies that are less than two hours long. There should be a good reason to make a movie that is longer than two hours.”

In Hollywood today, the approximately four-hour “Justice League: Zack Snyder’Cut,” which was recreated by director Zack Snyder from the DC movie “Justice League” (2017), is a hot topic.But Wingard“There is no Snyder’cut (in this movie)”I affirmed. “Extending it to 3 hours does not increase the monster confrontation by 1 hour.People will spend an hour more talking about monsters

Also at CBR in the US, the director said, “This (theatrical release version) is the director’s cut.”“I wanted to have a dense roller coaster from start to finish.”He says.

“(Godzilla vs. Kong) is a sequel, so I didn’t have to prepare much at the beginning of the movie. It took 30 minutes to show the world situation and make the character appear. Once I set a goal, I started immediately. The 7-year-old kid wanted to watch such a movie because it’s easy to get bored when he was a kid. I want him to feel that it’s for adults and for adults, but in the end Is a good tempo and I want to appeal to the children in you. “

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