“Going to New York, Prince of the Stars 2” “Forget all your worries” -Arsenio Hall, the semi-role, talks about reunion with the performers

Eddie MurphyThe sequel to “Coming to America, Coming to America” ​​(1988), starring “Coming to America, Coming to America 2” will be released on Amazon Prime Video from March 5, 2021 (Friday) in more than 240 countries including Japan. And delivered in the area.In this article, I would like to introduce an official interview with Arsenio Hall, who plays the role of semi.

The stage is the lush kingdom of Zamunda. The story of the newly crowned King Akeem and his best friend Semi, who set out on a whole new and hilarious adventure from Africa to the Queens of New York. Former King Joffy Jafa (James Earl Jones), Queen Lisa (Shari Headley), Cleo McDowell (John Amos), Maurice (Louis Anderson), and the familiar barbers who appeared in the previous work The original cast of “Going to New York, Prince of the Stars” such as clerk is gathered.

In this interview, Arsenio Hall talks about his feelings when he read the script of the world’s long-awaited sequel, his impressions of the replay, and his emotional reunion with the nostalgic performers.

──Please tell us how you felt when you decided to appear in this work, which is a sequel to the popular work “Going to New York, Prince of the Stars” after more than 30 years, or when you read the script for the first time.

Eddie and I are on good terms and meet and dodge emails on a daily basis. And I thought we wouldn’t do the sequel to each other. However, on SNS, the story of the sequel was exciting, and I saw a tweet saying that Tiffany Haddish was the queen. Also, the original work is really popular, and parties with that theme are often held. I’ve been contacted by Beyonce’s office asking if she would come to her “Go to New York, Prince of the Stars” party. Because everyone cosplays as a character (laughs).

Some restaurants in Los Angeles have sexy chocolate milkshakes on their menu. Given the popularity of his work, Eddie seems to have reconsidered not doing a sequel. Then one day it took four years to put together the ideas, gather the scriptwriters, and then realize them. During that time, there was a hoax about the sequel, but four years later, Eddie finally handed me the script. And I read the script in the garden of his house. It was so fun that I couldn’t stop reading it, and I was excited to flip through the pages. So I abandoned the idea that I wouldn’t do a sequel either.

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