Green Lantern also appeared in “Justice League” Snyder’s Cut, flying in the preview video

DC movie “Justice League』(2017) was dropped during productionZack SnyderRevive based on the director’s initial concept“Justice League: Zack Snyder’s Cut”Following the theatrical release versionGreen lanternTurned out to appear. The figure is reflected in the trailer video of Villain’s Dark Side & Steppenwolf released on Twitter by Zack.

Green Lantern, which has been long-awaited to be made into a movie in the DC movie universe, appeared in the movie release version of “Justice League” in the recollection scene when Steppenwolf of Vilan invaded the earth. He fought with the Amazons and Atlantis, but died in the fight (this Green Lantern is presumed to be the comic Yaran Guru). After that, the ring flew away in search of a new owner.

Around 45 seconds of the video released this time, the appearance of a Green Lantern fighting while flying in the sky is projected. This scene seems to be a different cut of the same scene as the theatrical release version, so it is unknown how far we can see the new development around Green Lantern. However, Zack has been working since the release of this work.The original idea was to have a lot of turns on Green LanternI have also suggested that.ThereforeSnyder’s cutThen, what the Zack was trying to draw with Green Lantern, and what the relationship with the dark side, which was cut by existence in the theatrical release version, will be the highlight.

By the way, Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics is currently in the process of making a drama of Green Lantern, and is scheduled to start shooting in April 2021. It is a story about the adventures of Green Lanterns such as “1st generation” Alan Scott, “4th generation” Guy Gardner, “7th generation” Simon Baz, and “8th generation” Jessica Cruz. The series is not expected to be related to the Justice League.

The movie “Justice League: Zack Snyder’Cut” will be digitally distributed and released on Blu-ray in early summer 2021.

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