Guided by Frances McDormand, the contents of the van in the “Nomadland” play ─ Remodeling and personal belongings, “Reflecting my life”

“The Rider” (2017) “Eternals” (2021)Chloe ZhaoSupervision,Frances McDormandThe movie “Starring, which is sweeping movie awards around the world”NomadlandWas released in Japan on March 26, 2021 (Friday). This time, a special video has arrived.

Fern (Frances McDormand), the main character who lost his beloved husband after losing his residence in a company town in Nevada, USA, which he had been accustomed to living for many years due to the economic collapse of the company. He packs his memories of his late husband into a camper van and travels around the scene of seasonal labor as a car dweller (modern nomad). On that day, while working hard to overcome the day, she meets and exchanges hearts with Nomads everywhere, and her proud free journey continues.

In the special video released this time, Frances McDormand himself will introduce the contents of the van that Fern loves in the play. “I created Fern with the director. It reflected my own life,” McDormand reveals, and the character Fern incorporates McDormand’s personal episodes and ideas.

In addition to the storage space and kitchen that McDormand introduces in the video, he also proposed a small stool that is absolutely essential for McDormand with a bad knee. McDormand’s idea is also the hobby of handicraft that Fern enjoys in the play. “Not only can you kill time on the car, but you can also make daily necessities and barter,” he said, as a shooting accessory in the scene where Fern actually barters with Dave played by David Strathairn. in use.

At the beginning of the video, a scene of Fern who is asked for the name of the van and answers “Vanguard” is projected, but it was McDormand himself who named the van, “Because the van is a life companion for life on the car, I named it. To give it individuality. “

Every time the actual nomads moved, the shooting proceeded to follow them. Looking back on the fact that we carefully snuggled up to shoot in an unprecedented shooting environment so as to blend in with the lives of Nomads, “Vanguard, which means” pioneer, “became the flagship of our shooting team. All 23 are proud of what they have achieved. We have remade ourselves rather than breaking the rules. We are truly “pioneers”, “he proudly commented.

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