“Guns Akimbo” Daniel Radcliffe is fixed with a pistol in both hands from a skinhead man ─ Main video released

Daniel RadcliffeHas his pistols fixed in both hands and is allowed to participate in a crazy death game. Unprecedented Extreme Gun Action “Guns AkimboIs open to the public in Japan from February 26, 2021 (Friday). This time, the main video of the scene where the pistols are fixed in both hands, which is the beginning of the worst day in Miles history, has arrived. Due to the seeds sown by himself, the worst development …

Game company programmer Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) was distressed by writing radically on the bulletin boards and comments on the internet. One day Miles commented as usual on the popular dark site “Skism” where he killed each other on the streets and watched it. The writing of the daily routine is settled, and when sleeping on the sofa, someone appears in front of the entrance even though it is midnight. When I opened it, even though I was in a bad mood, there were squishy bosses, Rictor, and other squishy guys.

Angered by Miles’ aggressive writing, the boss himself attacked, saying, “You need punishment in your hands!” “Don’t crush!” Miles hurriedly said, “I have a better hand.” I’m about to fall asleep by hitting the word “stun” with a signal, but Miles is quite reluctant. Eventually, an anesthetic bullet is shot at the neck. What is a punishment that is stronger than crushing your hands?

It seems that the Mohawk strongman is chopping his hand while his consciousness is stunned. Wake up in bed with downer music. Apparently I’m at home. Slowly rolling off the bed, the worst awakening came. When I managed to get up, I finally noticed something that happened to me. The pistols are fixed to both hands with bolts. Miles who can not swallow the situation. Both guns display 50 ammo remaining. The worst 24 hours in Miles’ history, with a two-chome pistol that can never be removed, opens.

“Gun’s Akimbo” will be released nationwide on February 26, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Hibiya.

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