“Guns Akimbo” Daniel Radcliffe’s decision to appear in the script “It’s really strange and crazy” ─ Talking about stunts and co-stars

Daniel RadcliffeStarring, Extreme GunactionGuns AkimboWill land in Japan on February 26, 2021 (Friday). A programmer, Miles, who has a pistol fixed in both hands, challenges a crazy death game to death. This time, THE RIVER has exclusively obtained the interview video of Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel Radcliffe is always choosing a challenging role as an actor. When asked about the deciding factor for appearing in “Gun’s Akimbo,” he answered that he was attracted to the greatness of the script. “I can’t do everyday things with a gun in my hand. I was fascinated by the toilet scene. I thought it was really strange and crazy. I love watching action movies, but it’s for me. I couldn’t find the script I was in. However, I thought I could play this film myself. (Reading the script) I thought I would do a lot of stunts. “

Daniel has appeared in various works, but the action seems to have been a long time. “It was the first time since’Harry Potter’and I needed special training before shooting, and the staff seemed to think I could do anything,” he grinned. Stunts are indispensable to the action scene. Aiming at the stunt staff, “It must have been an exciting place for them. They challenged the difficulties and did the best job. They did a really great job, not a level to deal with. Normally, I don’t want to see the work in which I appeared. But this work is different. I wanted to know what the director was doing without my knowledge. ” ..

When asked what was the deciding factor in taking on the role, Daniel said, “The more challenging the role, the more fun it is to play. I don’t want to play similar roles over and over again. I want to play a role I’ve never played. I want to appear in any work if it’s a wonderful story. But the important thing is whether I want to play a role or whether I can contribute something in my own way. ” It’s a unique answer that makes any role your own.

As for the co-star, “The role of Knicks played by Samara Weaving is really attractive. I thought it was unexpectedly cool, eccentric and awesome. I think she created a very unique character. The scene where Rhys Darby appeared was also wonderful. I never dreamed that he would be cast in that role, and when I heard that he was decided, I immediately thought that it was the best cast. I praise you.

Finally, Daniel said, “I think the action in this movie will be pretty powerful. It’s ridiculously difficult for the fighting scene itself to grow the character and at the same time create an interesting and cool fighting scene. I think “Guns Akimbo” can do it, “concludes with words with expectations for this work.

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