“Guns Akimbo” is “flying” -Daniel Radcliffe voice actor Kensho Ono enthusiastically speaks

Daniel RadcliffeIs fixed with a pistol in both hands and forced to participate in a crazy death game, and is targeted by the worst hitman.Such an extreme gunactionGuns AkimboWill be released on February 26, 2021.This time, the voice actor of Daniel Radcliffe is familiarKenshō OnoHowever, a special video has arrived that enthusiastically talks about the highlights of this work and Radcliffe’s acting.

Regarding his impression of seeing “Gans Akimbo,” Ono said, “If that happens, you shouldn’t really laugh, but it’s interesting because Daniel is doing it.” What if I had a 2-choken gun fixed in my hand …? To the question, “If you say something really boring, you’ll go to the hospital (laughs) First, go to the hospital and contact the police …” “(In the main story) I couldn’t grasp my cell phone well and fell down. I wondered if that would be the case (laughs), “he answered, looking back at the main story.

Unlike the time of the “Harry Potter” series, Daniel often plays a unique role these days. Regarding his success, Ono said, “I have the impression that many of his works are deep and have a strong message these days, but it’s not something that the public receives and what I like. , “I want to go to this! I get the impression that I am working honestly with my pure feelings, “I think it’s really cool. I long for it!”

When asked about what he was conscious of in dubbing Daniel, he said, “Daniel’s role is completely different for each work, and I try to act as that role rather than his acting. However, Daniel speaks fast. So it’s really hard every time I dubb it (laughs), “says Ono. “Dear Daniel has a detailed reaction, and it takes a lot of time to check each time, but I have the impression that he is doing a detailed calculation and acting,” said Daniel, who has been dubbing for many years. He also talks about his own analysis.

Finally, Ono told fans who are looking forward to this work, “Dear Daniel looks like a completely different person depending on the work, I think that I am making a movie that will not get bored every time, and I am looking forward to it every time. I really enjoyed this time as well, but the movie itself is crazy, and I think it’s a work that chooses the viewer, so I hope you can watch it at your own risk (laughs). ” “There are some violent scenes, but I hope you’ll be addicted to Daniel’s charm,” he concluded.

The movie “Guns Akimbo” will be released nationwide on February 26, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Hibiya.

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