“Han Solo” Keira who left a meaningful last, the possibility of re-appearance

The movie released in 2018 “Han Solo / Star Wars Story』In the innocent but brave youngHan soloWhile the adventure story was drawn, it was a questionable ending. It’s an unexpected choice made by Han Solo’s old friend Keira. There are many calls for a sequel in the development that makes us feel a further story, but what is the actual prospect?

In this article, “Han Solo /Star Wars・ Based on the ending in “Story”, he played the role of Keira and the evaluation of overseas media related to the last scene.Emilia ClarkeI would like to explore the possibility of Keira’s re-appearance based on the remarks made by.

This article contains spoilers for “Han Solo / Star Wars Story”.

Keira, who first appeared in the “Star Wars” series in this work, is a woman from Corellia, the same planet as Han Solo. He was stolen with Han, a young man of the same age who belonged to a criminal group and was close to him. The two attempted to escape from the planet, but only Keira was captured when they tried to pass through the gate of the spaceport.

Since then, Keira and Han have been living their lives, but they are the masterpieces of the crime syndicate “Crimson Dawn”.Dryden VossReunited on a yacht owned by. While away from Han, Keira was saved by Voss and swore allegiance to Crimson Dawn as his right arm.

After that, Han and Keira were given a mission by Voss. The two work together to complete the mission, while feeling that the familiarity of the Corellia era has been lost. And the ending, Keira who deceived Voss at the very end.After that, I thought that I would act with Han, the mastermind of Crimson DawnDarth MaulI contacted him and left Han and Chewbacca.

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