“Harry Potter” Studio Tour Tokyo, official website and guide video released ─ Harry voice actor narrated

“Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo-Making of” scheduled to open in the first half of 2023 Harry potter』Official website and guidance video have been released.

The official website contains the latest information at this stage, such as an introduction to Studio Tour Tokyo and FAQs.

The guide video “Warner Brothers Studio Tour London Making of Harry Potter” is a documentary video that conveys the image of the studio tour to be opened in Tokyo, and what you can experience during the tour. Introduced in the Japanese version by Kensho Ono, the voice actor of Harry Potter, and in the English version by the narration of the talent Harry Sugiyama. Imagine this excitement and excitement coming to Tokyo, which raises expectations.

Comments have arrived from Kensho Ono and Harry Sugiyama, who acted as narrators.

Studio tour in England,
I wanted to go someday.
No way, it’s scheduled to open in Tokyo in 2023 …! !! !!
I can’t help but look forward to experiencing the world of Harry Potter.
This year, 20 years after the release of the Philosopher’s Stone in theaters,
Also for the new Harry Potter project
I am very honored to be involved.

For me who grew up in Harry Potter
The studio tour in London was a dream time.
All five senses were happy and I forgot myself from beginning to end.
Huge set, countless props, costumes, Hogwarts Express,
That world that makes you feel at ease 360 ​​degrees
If you think that you can experience it here in Japan,
Your heart rate will inevitably rise.
I can’t sleep just thinking! !!

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