“HELLSING” live-action movie in Hollywood ─ “John Wick” writer

Popular action manga by Kouta Hirano“HELLSING”It turned out that (Shonen Gahosha) will be made into a live-action movie in Hollywood. The script is “John wick』SeriesDerek Corstad, Produced by Amazon Studios. The US Deadline reported.

England at the end of the 20th century. The grandson of the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, Integra Helsing, commanded the Royal Knights of the British Empire, the HELLSING Organization. The immortal vampire Alucard, hired by the organization, was fighting vampires, ghouls, Nazi defeated soldiers, and even more threats to protect the British Empire. At the same time, a new female police officer, Seras Victoria, a new vampire, will be hired.

The screenwriter Colstad“Since my brother taught me the manga and anime for’HELLSING’a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with the desire to adapt. It’s a dream come true.”In the movie version, he also serves as a producer. In the “John Wick” series, Toshihide, who created intense action as a screenwriter and wrote the Marvel drama “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, challenges a unique “vampire battle”.

Other producers include Mike Callaghan from “Maximum Blow” (2012) and “Devil Stranger” (2012), Brian Kavanaugh-Jones from “Upgrade” (2019) and “Honey Boy” (2020), and “Peter Rabbit”. Fred Berger and others from the series Jason Last and “La La Land” (2016) are appointed. Executive Producer will be Tetsuya Fujimura of “Ghost in the Shell” (2017).

Mr. Callahan, who is a big fan of “vampire things”, was fascinated by the work when he was taught “HELLSING” by Colstad. “The re-creation of Dracula and Van Helsing by Kouta Hirano was exhilarating, and the strange fusion of action and horror was unprecedented,” he said in a statement.

“HELLSING” was made into a TV animation in Japan in 2001, and then the OVA series faithful to the original was produced from 2006 to 2012. An English translation was published in 2003, and has gained enthusiastic support from all over the world.

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