Hugh Jackman wants to appear in “Deadpool 3” ─ tells Ryan Reynolds through police officers

Of the “X-MEN” seriesHugh jackmanBut,”dead Pool』Familiar in the seriesRyan ReynoldsI’m giving advice to.

The two are “Inu-Saru no Naka” who often play with each other on SNS. However, Jackman seems to want to be close to Reynolds from the bottom of his heart and help him improve his career. This time, Jackman is negotiating to appear in the latest work of “Deadpool” through a US police officer who seems to have met and called out by chance.

“Ryan. Let this guy (Hugh Jackman) appear in Deadpool 3. It’s okay to have a cameo for just 10 minutes. That’s great. The movie will be even better and entertain. I think it will set a record number for income. “

Jackman, who appears to be filming the policeman speaking, agrees with the policeman’s words, “Yeah.” The appearance of the cameo in “Deadpool 3” doesn’t seem to be a big deal. In the first place, what the police officer is talking about is all directed by Jackman …?

On the day Jackman, who used to be Wolverine in the “X-MEN” series, appeared in “Deadpool”, the world will be surrounded by a whirlpool of excitement, not just a hit. However, at the time of this article, Ryan hasn’t responded yet. I just hope to accept the love call from Jackman. It’s easy to imagine the two appearing in “Deadpool 3” while holding their hands …

In addition, although the exchange between the two is becoming a feature of SNS, in April 2020, a one-day settlement was achieved. After all, the two have resumed messing around after the one-day settlement, but I just hope they’ll make up again in the wake of this appearance negotiation (actually, they’re always good friends).

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