“I want you to feel the connection with other people” by watching “Minari” -Interview video of Steven Yeun & Han Ye-ri released

Steven YeunThe movie “Starring / Executive Producer,” which has been nominated for Best Directing, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, and Best Composition at the Academy Awards.MinariHas been released since March 19, 2021. This time, an interview video of Steven Yeun & Han Ye-ri has arrived.

In the 1980s, Jacob, a Korean immigrant who dreamed of succeeding in agriculture, moved to the plateau of Arkansas, USA with his family. His wife, Monica, sees a tattered mobile home and a rugged land, and her heart always smells dangerous to the boy’s husband’s adventure, but with her eldest daughter, Anne, who has a heart disease but is curious. His younger brother, David, finds hope in a new land. Soon, a snippy and rugged grandmother joins in, forming an unusual bond with David. However, the water dries up, the crops do not sell, and an unexpected situation arises in the cornered family …

The interview video is about a husband (Steven Yeun) who pursues a dream of farm management, a wife (Han Ye-ri) who is angry with her husband who decided to move to the countryside, and a couple who repeatedly clashes. .. Steven Yeun and Han Ye-ri both said they “sympathized” with the characters they played.

About Jacob, a husband who tries to pull his family forcibly for his own dreams, Steven said, “I have to raise a child and I feel anxious about the future. What can I do for my family? The question is that men often feel the pressure not to be afraid or to show what they are afraid of, so they hold it inside and make unilateral decisions. I will do it. ” He talked about his struggles as a husband who couldn’t make a soft noise because he was bound by the idea that he had to be strong, and as a father who had two children, like Jacob.

When Han Ye-ri first read the script, he noted that “there are plenty of life episodes that everyone has experienced at least once.” Although he describes his wife, Monica, as “everything is clumsy and very lonely,” he says, “I start working and gradually become a woman who has social power. And because I am a mother. She also has a sense of mission to protect her family, “he emphasized her strength as she grows strong for her family in an unfamiliar place.

Steven also seems to have helped understand the character Jacob because of his experience acting as an Asian American in the United States. He pointed out that “everyone may be in a” unique gap between cultures “, not just immigrants.” “I want you to see this movie and feel that you are the same as others. I want you to feel the connection with other people.” It was an encouraging content. About the theme of the work Han Ye-ri asserts, “‘Minari’ is a movie of love. The theme is love,” with a slightly shy look.

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