In the final episode of the “Hannibal” drama, Lecter and Will “become one” -the kissing scene is “too brutal”

Mads MikkelsenStarring drama“HANNIBAL”In the final episode of (2013-2015), the kissing scene of Hannibal Lecter played by Matz and Will Graham played by Hugh Dancy was considered …? At Vulture in the US, Matz reveals the secret story of the production at that time.

This article contains spoilers for the final episode of “Hannibal” Season 3, “The Wrath of the Sheep.”

The second half of “Hannibal” Season 3 depicts the battle with “biting demon” Francis Dolarhyde, based on Thomas Harris’s original novel “Red Dragon” (Hayakawa Bunko NV). Lector & Will, who are driven by Darahide who is fascinated by Lector and runs away, finally kills Darahide and both fall into the dark sea.The interviewer has this ending“Like the first night of newlyweds”As soon as it is expressed, Matz“It’s also cannibalistic.”I answered.

“Eating the other person (for Lector) is the ultimate form of love. I took many takes in the last scene of staring at each other, but I think it was a bit too rough. It was almost like a kiss. I Hugh said, “You only have to try it once, you’ve taken it many times. It might be good, “but I didn’t kiss after all. I also liked Bryan Fuller (scriptwriter and executive producer), but he said,” It’s overkill, it’s too brutal. ” It was correct. “

Matz himself recognizes that some fans wanted the Lector & Will kissing scene, and that the ending of the series was portrayed as the subject of homosexual fan art. But Matz seems to think of Lecter & Will’s relationship as “romantic, but not necessarily physical.”

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