“In the Heights” movie version, new trailer released in the US ─ A masterpiece musical depicting the dreams and hopes of immigrants, voices of acclaim as early as in the US

A masterpiece Broadway by Lin-Manuel Miranda in HamiltonmusicalMovie version ofIn the HeightsA new trailer has been released. It is the most notable musical movie now, with many acclaimed voices in the United States, which has already been previewed.

The stage is “Washington Heights” in a corner of Manhattan New York. In this town of many immigrants, Dominica immigrant Usnavi ran a convenience store started by his parents. His wish is to return to his hometown of Dominica and live a better life. The residents of Washington Heights, including Usnavi, faced harsh realities, each with their own dreams and hopes. At one point, a little miracle and an incident occur to them as they try to take a step to seize the opportunity.

In this trailer, you can listen to Latin lively songs and sad ballads, as well as get a glimpse of dance scenes on unrealistic walls, pools and group dances on the streets. Also pay attention to each person’s facial expressions, which suggests the light and hard youth of young people.

“In the Heights” is a popular musical that Lin-Manuel Miranda premiered in 1998 and advanced to Broadway in 2008. He was nominated for 13 categories at the Tony Awards, won 4 categories including the Best Work Award and Music Award, and won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album. After this work, Miranda gave birth to “Hamilton,” which is called “the world’s most ticketless musical.”

In the Heights

The movie adaptation of this work was a long-awaited project for musical fans, and it took 10 years since the production was announced. In the movie version, Miranda’s songs are of course taken over, and the script is written by Quiara Alegria Hughes, who wrote the stage version of the play. The director is “Crazy Rich Asians! 』(2018) Jon M. Chu served, and the creator Miranda himself steered the project as a producer.

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