“In the Heights” will be released on July 30th, trailer will also be released ─ Movie adaptation of a masterpiece musical

Masterpiece BroadwaymusicalMovie adaptation ofIn the HeightsWill be released in Japan on July 30, 2021did. At the same time, a new US version trailer (Japanese subtitles) and a US version visual have also been released.

“In the Heights” is a movie adaptation of a masterpiece musical that won four Tony Awards, including the Best Work Award, and the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album. FOX NEWS, variety shows, time magazines, and other famous media from all over the United States have listed this as the “Most Wanted Movie of the Year”.

Washington Heights, a left-behind city in the corner of New York. The boulevard, crowded with inhabitants far from homeland, was always full of songs and dances. A big blackout that occurred in the hot summer. That night, the fate of the four young people trying to embark on their dreams while struggling to work, go on to school, and fall in love begins to move.

The director was Crazy Rich Asians (2018), which was an exceptional blockbuster, with almost all the cast being Asian, but recording number one in the US for three consecutive weeks.Jon M. Chu.. Powerful numbers that strike your heart, overwhelming group dance scenes, bursting enthusiasm and soul-stirring messages … Musical entertainment that delivers the excitement of music and hot dreams to the world.

The original work was done by the Pulitzer Prize, Grammy Award,Emmy Award, Tony Award, Hollywood Walk of Fame star, etc., making its name not only in the musical world but also in the entertainment industryLin-Manuel Miranda.. He has been a versatile lyricist / composer, screenwriter, actor, and rapper, and his masterpiece Broadway musical “Hamilton” has won a total of 11 categories, including the Tony Award for Best Picture. Audiences from all over the world rushed to the film because of its high quality and vividness of the music, causing a social phenomenon called “the world’s most unticketed musical” in New York and London.

“In the Heights” is Miranda’s first work, and has won four categories including the Tony Awards for works and music (13 categories nominated), and has received high praise both at home and abroad and has an exceptional talent. The one that decided. A masterpiece musical that has long been desired to be visualized but has not been realized has finally become a long-awaited movie after a battle for rights.

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