“Infinite” starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Antoine Fuqua will be released in the US ─ The latest work of “Paranormal Activity”

Paramount Pictures of the United States announced the future development of its distribution service “Paramount +”.Mark WahlbergStarring &Antoine FuquaSci-fi action by the director“Infinite”In addition, the latest work of the “Paranormal Activity” series (title undecided) will be released in the United States. The Hollywood Reporter and others reported.

“Infinite” was originally scheduled to be released in theaters in August 2020, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, theatrical release was postponed until September 2021. Paramount has withdrawn the theatrical releaseDelivered on Paramount + in the US in June 2021Decided to do. No response outside the United States has been announced.

The main character, Evan McCorley (Wahlberg), was plagued by skills he had never learned and memories of places he had never been to. Evan, who has fallen on the verge of neurosis, is saved by an organization called “Infinite”, where he is informed that his memory is a “real memory” before his premortal life. Evan was led to a world where only a small number of human beings are reborn with their memories and knowledge. Evan begins to work with “Infinite” to unravel the mysteries hidden in his past and to save the planet.

Including Mark Wallberg, Kiwetel Ijofor in “Dr. Strange” (2016), Dylan O’Brien in the “Maze Runner” series, Sophie Cookson in the “Kingsman” series, “The Future Seen by Goch the Eternal Gate” (2018) Rupert Friend, “Jurassic World / Kingdom of Fire” (2018) Toby Jones and others. Written by Ian Shorr and others from “Z Bull Z Bull” (2018).

In addition to this work, Paramount + will deliver original movies at any time. In addition to the latest work of “Paranormal Activity” written by Christopher Landon, director of “Happy Death Day” series and “The Switch” (2020), it will appear in 2021.Plans to deliver an average of one original movie per week in 2022That’s right.

Paramount is called the “Mountain of Movies” campaign and plans to launch a large number of movies on Paramount +. A total of 2,500 titles are expected to be distributed by July 2021, and hit titles such as “Avengers” (2012) and “007 Skyfall” (2012) will be distributed, as well as “Mission: Impossible / Ghost Protocol” (“Mission: Impossible / Ghost Protocol” ( 2011) “Rocketman” (2019) “Sonic the Movie” (2020) will also be delivered. It has contracts with other companies, and it is said that new and old works will be released at any time.

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