[Interview video]”The Gentlemen” Colin Farrell introduces charm in a jersey ─ The dialogue is “Jazz-like rhythm”

Guy RitchieSupervise the latest works,Matthew McConaugheyHugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam and other gorgeous casts from the movie “GentlemenWill be released nationwide from May 7, 2021 (Friday). Prior to this,Appearing as a boxing coachColin FarrellTHE RIVER exclusive special interview video has arrived.

Farrell plays the coach who runs a boxing gym in downtown in “The Gentlemen,” which was the first time he participated in Guy Ritchie’s film. Among the gorgeous casts that have both habits and habits, they have an outstanding charm and presence. Farrell’s solo interview video has arrived. While explaining the role in this work while keeping the trademark “jersey figure” in the play, about the director’s shooting styleThe attraction of Guy’s film is that the script is clearly drawn as well as the aesthetics and storyline.“.

Farrell said, “It’s finished in a fashionable way. It’s really attractive,” in response to Guy’s commitment to the dialogue, which he is willing to change on the day of shooting. Next, taking the director’s feature-length debut “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (1998) as an example, the dialogue peculiar to Guy Ritchie’s work is “It was a jazz-like rhythm.It seemed that the words bounced and played different sounds at the same time.“. I would like you to enjoy the rhythmic dialogue that is unique to Guy, who worked on many TV commercials and music videos before his debut as a movie director.

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