[Interview]Chadwick’s smile, director of “21 Bridges”

Of “Black Panther”Chadwick BosemanThe last movie starring and producing,21 bridgesWill be released in Japan from April 9, 2021Will be.Detective Andre of the New York Police Department’s murder department, who seeks justice dangerously, pursues a cocaine robber in Manhattan at midnight.CrimeThrillerThat’s right.

To prevent the criminal from escaping, block all 21 bridges over Manhattan and hunt down the criminal with a one-night emergency lockdown. The time limit is 5 am. Before the morning comes, Andre must catch the two fleeing criminals. However, as he pursues, he realizes that there is a darker conspiracy that is deeper than at night …

At THE RIVER, he conducted an independent interview with director Brian Kirk.The director connected a video chat from London and talked about the inside story of “21 Bridges” and his thoughts on the late Chadwick Boseman.

── How are you? The world has changed completely since the time this movie was made. Manhattan is locked down in this movie, but now it’s locked down all over the world in the real world … (Editor’s note: Shooting started in September 2018.)

that’s right. It made me realize how grateful I was to have a group experience in filmmaking and theater viewing, and to get together and sit next to each other. Here in London, I hope the theater will be reopened again. Last year (2020), I missed seeing my favorite story by escaping to a dark place (theatre) with strangers.

──I love Michael Mann’s work, but the way the night view was shot in “21 Bridges” was like a director Mann’s work. The director of photography for this film may be Paul Cameron, the same as Mann’s “Collateral” (2004). After all, is there any influence from Michael Mann?

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