[Interview]Director of “Dreamland”, why he didn’t dare to watch “We have no tomorrow” ─ Margot Robbie’s sudden offer surprised me

Margot RobbieFell into the script and also starred and produced the movieDreamlandWill be released nationwide from April 9, 2021 (Friday)Will be done. Set in the western United States of the 1930s, beautiful bank robber Alison and a 17-year-old boy Eugene, who knows nothing, portray a drama that sways between forbidden love, impatience, and guilt.SuspenseIt’s a full drama.

Director Miles Joris-Peirafit was nominated directly by Margot Robbie, even though this is his second feature film. We’ve already decided to re-tag with Robbie in his next film, Tank Girl, so it’s safe to say that Robbie appreciates his work in Dreamland.

THE RIVER interviews such an up-and-coming director Miles Joris-Peirafit alone.He talked a lot about the production of “Dreamland”.

── Nice to meet you! How is it going?

feel well! It’s ridiculous for me that this movie will be released in Japan. I’m really excited!

── “Dreamland” will be released in April in Japan. I am also looking forward to seeing this movie for Japanese people. By the way, in this work, a woman named Alison (Margot Robbie) comes to the village with a dust bowl (a huge sandstorm). In the story, she also felt protected by the dust bowl, and there were other developments that overlapped her actions with the dust bowl. Is this a metaphor for something?

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