[Interview]Joe Keery as Steve in “Stranger Things”, a new frontier psychological thriller “Spree” ─ “This movie is a satire itself”

An actor who suddenly became known for his role as Steve in the popular drama “Stranger Things Unknown World” (2016-).Joe Keery’s first movie starring “Spree” will be released on April 23, 2021It became. Keeley, who comically played Steve who converted from “bullying” to “good guy” in “Stranger Things”, challenged in “Spree” by buzzing on SNS and becoming an influencer in the ride sharing service. A young man in his twenties who started as a driver. The possession of Keeley, a psychopath who peels off the ghosts, is reminiscent of Christian Bale in “American Psycho” (2000).

THE RIVER conducted an independent interview with Keeley.Keeley responded to the interview from home through Zoom. What I had for Keeley, who appeared in front of me when the video call was connected, was the impression of a popular person in the class who treats everyone without hesitation. Keeley himself dressed in a Star Wars black shirt and stood in a rough outfit with bangs (famous for) with great hair and sunglasses lightly, and answered the interview.

In the interview, we asked him about his feelings and role-making, which was the first starring role, and the episode at the time of shooting, as well as his future prospects as an actor. We hope that you will enjoy Keeley’s hot words, which are emerging as an actor by appearing not only in dramas but also in Hollywood movies.

── Hello! How are you?

Hello! I’m fine. Actually, I’m just returning to shooting the work (“Stranger Things” Season 4). I want you to see it soon.

── All the fans in Japan are looking forward to Season 4 of “Stranger Things”.

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