[Interview]”Lords of Chaos” Rory Culkin and Black Metal ─ Mayhem’s too jet-black incident is “unbelievable”

black·metalLegendary in the early daysband“Mayhem”FrenzyyouthMovie depicting“Lords of Chaos”Was released in Japan.

Based in Oslo, Norway, the band “Mayhem” became the core of the early black metal scene. They advocate Satanism (demon worship) and dominate the world metal scene with radical live performances and Corpse paint (death makeup). At the same time, bandleader Euronymous formed the underground group “Inner Circle” to compete for “who is the most evil”. The activity has become radicalChurch arsonriot, And finally multiplemurdering caseCauses up to and develops into a social problem.

The most shocking thing is the disturbing facts about the death of the member “Dead”. Leader Euronymous saidShoot the brain with a shotgun and die instantlyIf you find a dead corpse, instead of calling the policeTake a picture of the horrific scene..The photo is afterUsed as it is for the jacket picture of the album (boot board)It has been (search attention). It is also reported that he collected dead skull fragments into a necklace.

What is depicted in “Road of Chaos” is such a terrible story of Mayhem. Why did they, who should have just formed a band, runaway because they were painted in jet black? In the movie, the shocking end that hits the Euronymouss is depicted freshly, sadly, and bloody.

In THE RIVER, he starred in the movie as Euronymous.Interview with Rory Culkin alone.. Rory is also the younger brother of Macaulay Culkin, known for his Home Alone series.Rory, who has a cool and mysterious atmosphere, is a moviemusicsHe also kindly answered various questions about his hobbies.

── Nice to meet you. I really like “Road of Chaos”. As a fan of metal, I was able to appreciate the world view depicted in the movie with a familiar feeling. Was Rory originally interested in black metal and metal?

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