[Interview]Why is the movie “Monster Hunter” another world? ─ The influence from “Metal Gear Solid”, the director talks about the original love

Live-action movie version “Monster hunterWas released in Japan on March 26, 2021 (Friday). Artemis, a member of the special forces who suddenly encountered a huge sandstorm and was sent to a mysterious worldMilla Jovovich), Teaming up with a mysterious hunter (Tony Jaa), challenges a monster and a deadly battle. Let’s hunt for an unimaginable world!

On this occasionTHE RIVERPicked up a megaphone in “Monster Hunter”Paul W. S. AndersonConducted an interview.In a valuable opportunity, from the encounter with the original to the process of making a movie, the gameInfluence from “Monster Hunter: World” and “Metal Gear Solid”, your favorite weapon, the sequel you care aboutAnd so onI visited about it.

── Suddenly, with Diablos as the directorI want to go hunting together.

Diablos should go hunting with Mira. I’m better than me (laughs).

── That sounds like fun too. Suddenly I was very sorry for my personal question. Now let’s get into the main subject. Please tell us in detail about your encounter with the game “Monster Hunter” series and how it was made into a movie.

I first played “Monster Hunter” 12 years ago. It was a very well-known game in Japan from that time, but it was not so well known outside of Japan. In the first place, it was a work that was developed almost exclusively in Japan. I happened to have a friend tell me about this work, and I played it for the first time. I felt like the character of Sam Neill in “Jurassic Park”. It’s amazing to see a dinosaur for the first time.

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