Japanese message video of cat and metal, Rory Culkin ─ “Lords of Chaos”

black·metal・ Band “Mayhem” crazyyouthDraw“Lords of Chaos“Than,A special video in which Rory Culkin, who starred, holds her cat and gives a message in Japanese.Has been released.

When Rory signs the melody, the cat is also squeaking. (Many cats feel uncomfortable to be hugged, so maybe it’s time to take them down).

In an interview with THE RIVER, Rory said he had two cats, “Peach” and “Crayon.” During the stay home period, he spent time playing with his cat. (In addition, he said he was gardening and watching professional wrestling).

“Road of Chaos” depicts the jet-black history of the band “Mayhem”, which was based in Oslo, Norway and became the core of the early black metal scene. They advocate Satanism (demon worship) and dominate the world metal scene with radical live performances and Corpse paint (death makeup). At the same time, bandleader Euronymous formed the underground group “Inner Circle” to compete for “who is the most evil”. The activity became radical, causing continuous arson in the church, riots, and even multiple murders, leading to social problems. The film portrays their infamous legends vividly and painfully.

“Road of Chaos” is open to the public at Cinemart Shinjuku, Cinemart Shinsaibashi and others. It will be released sequentially thereafter.

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