Jeremy Renner, director of “Wind River” and re-tag ─ “Equalizer” Antoine Fuqua, the mastermind behind the prison business

“Avengers” “Mission: Impossible” series and “Message” (2016) etc.Jeremy RennerBut the drama series“Mayor of Kingstown”so,”Wind river』(2017)Taylor SheridanAnd team up again. The US Variety and others reported.

The story is set in Kingstown, a fictional town in Michigan. It depicts the collapse of the McCluskey family, a town where only the prison business flourishes, and the decline of the town. Jeremy will play the title role “Mayor of Kingstown”, Mike McCluskey. He was attracted to the role of a party to the system that lost the balance of power, and the multi-layeredness and pain of the story.

According to the announcement, Taylor will be the creator and executive producer of the series (probably also a scriptwriter).Taylor himself“America’s biggest mistakes packed into one town”As you can see from the statement, the structural racialism, corruption, and inequality of the United States are sought out through the appearance of order and justice in a corrupt town.

In addition to Taylor & Jeremy, he is known as the executive producer of the “Equalizer” series.Antoine FuquaAlso participated. When asked about the film by Taylor, Fuqua said, “I wanted to join immediately.” “A comprehensive picture of the prison system, where socio-political issues are rampant. Prisons are the most forgotten place in the world, but a microcosm of society as a whole.”

This work will be distributed by Paramount Pictures’ video distribution service “Paramount +”, and Taylor has signed a comprehensive contract with the parent company ViacomCBS. Although it has not landed in Japan, two prequel dramas of Taylor’s masterpiece drama “Yellowstone” have also been released. By the way, Hugh Dillon, an actor who appeared in “Yellowstone” and “Wind River”, was also listed as the creator and executive producer of this work.

Sources: Variety, Collider

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