“John Wick” team’s exciting large-scale action “Mr. Nobody” Japanese version trailer & poster ─ Dull father, de flashy

A thrilling hard-boiled collaboration between screenwriter Derek Colstad, known as the creator of the John Wick series, and director Ilya Naishuller of Hardcore (2015).actionMasterpiece“Mr. Nobody”The Japanese version of the trailer and poster arrived prior to the release in Japan on June 11, 2021 (Friday).

The main character, Hatch Mansell, was a sober and mediocre “Nobody” who lived while accepting the hardships of life, such as being underestimated at work and treated as a father who could not be respected at home. One night, when two robbers broke into his suburban home, Hatch was afraid of violence and couldn’t fight back like his father. Hatch was further disappointed by his family in the wake of the incident, and his brother-in-law at the same workplace was also given an Ichamon, and the anger that had been boiled down in his chest suddenly rose. Suddenly, the easy provocation of the thugs who met on the route bus became a trigger, and finally it got flashy.

In the Japanese version of the trailer, the hatch that is being slammed by family members, neighbors, and town thugs is projected at the moment when the stress of many years is finally exploding, and the enemies who are approaching are turned over. .. Expectations are only rising for the fate of this man’s story, which escalate the brawl on the route bus, and the sensational and exciting action.

The Japanese version of the poster is a brilliant finish, with a “nobody” hatch that repeats boring routines every day, saying “Tuesday, garbage duty. My car is a fixed-route bus”, glaring at me with a keen eye while chasing honorary injuries all over my face. He is a useless father who is not dealt with by his wife and son, and he does not turn to anything without ruining anything, and it makes us feel the transformation of Hatch who was just a plain and unobtrusive middle-aged man.

The main character Hatch was played by the role of the main character Saul Goodman in “Better Call Saul” (2015), which was highly acclaimed by overseas drama fans. Bob Odenkirk is also active in “A Journey Connecting Two Hearts” (2013) and “Pentagon Papers / Top Secret Documents” (2017). Also serves as a producer.

Traditionally, in movies like this, it was customary for the bad guys to reach out to the tougher “wrong man”, but the idea Bob tried to draw in this film was the bad guys. What if he dabbled in a “correct man” who shouldn’t fight back …? Bob said, “I wanted to make a movie like I’ve never done before. If you’re familiar with Hollywood, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a unique movie like’Mr. Nobody’. From the beginning, I wanted to do my own stunts, and if not the best action actors of our time, I wanted to do stunts comparable to that. ” I would like you to witness the flashy sharpness that you have never seen by the new main character “just a father” selected by the scriptwriter & production team of the “John Wick” series at the theater.

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