“Jojo Rabbit” Thomasin McKenzie, the new movie directed by “Booksmart”, will be starring

Book Smart Party debut on the eve of graduation』(2019)Olivia WildeBiographical film by the director“Perfect”As the leading actress of “Jojo Rabbit” (2019)Thomasin McKenzieWas appointed. The US Deadline reports.

This work is a biographical film featuring Kerri Strug, a female gymnast who has been hailed as an “American hero.” Kelly performed at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with an ankle injury, leading the American women’s gymnastics team to the first gold medal in history. It is said that Kelly’s courage and determination are clearly and deeply depicted in the film.

Actress Olivia Wilde, who has appeared in “Richard Jewell” (2019) and “her / One Girl in the World” (2013), won numerous movie awards when she made her directorial debut with “Booksmart”. In parallel with the post-production (post-shooting work) of the next work “Don’t Worry Darling (original title)” starring Florence Pugh & Chris Pine & Harry Styles, we proceeded with the casting of this work, auditioned and then Mackenzie. I chose to star. Let’s look forward to the chemical reaction between director Wild and Mackenzie who maximized the charm of the actress in “Booksmart”.

According to media reportsShooting of this work is scheduled to start in early 2022.. The script is written by Ronni Sandar of “Borg / McKenro Ice Man and Flame Man” (2017), and Searchlight Pictures is in charge of worldwide distribution.

Thomasin McKenzie, who has been appointed as the lead actor, has appeared in “Jojo Rabbit”, “Leave No Trace” (2018), “King” (2019), and “Lost Girls” (2020). In June 2021, “True History of the Kelly Gang” will not be released in Japan. In the future, Edgar Wright’s horror movie “Last Night in Soho” and M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie “Old” are waiting.

Source: Deadline

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