“Justice League” Snyder’s Cut prepares “Large End” leading to sequel ─ However, there are no plans for sequel

DC movie “Justice League”(2017) based on the initial concept,“Snyder cut“thingZack SnyderZack Snyder’s Justice LeagueHowever, it turns out that it ends with a “large cliffhanger” that leads to the sequel. Director Zack Snyder himself admitted at IGN in the United States.

“Cliffhanger” is a drama method that creates a pull for the “next development” when a movie or drama closes with the greatest excitement or a new development begins. In making the Snyder Cut, Zack seems to have decided to return even the ending of the film to his original vision.After all, Zack“I should have made two more”“Justice League” was originally a trilogy concept.

As you might expect, it suggests that another world may exist... There are scenes where you plant the seeds of what you wanted to do in a later work. If it had happened, it wouldn’t have been as it looked, but I think it’s easy to predict from there, and I’ll be able to talk about it for a while. It’s a so-called cliffhanger. It ends with a large cliffhanger. “

According to Zack, the sequel to “Justice League” was originally “Batman vs Superman Justice Birth(2016), Bruce Wayne was planning to set the stage in the post-ruin world that he had foreseen. By the way, the other day, if the sequel was realized, “How Joker killed Robin, how Wayne Manor (Bruce Wayne’s mansion) was burned, what happened with Bruce was shown in a flashback. I wanted to. “

However, with the release of Snyder Cut, Zack is negative about making the Justice League sequel. In the past, I’ve said, “I’m not expecting it. It’s a long way to go and I think it’s okay.”“Warner has no interest or hope in making this kind of movie with me in the future. That’s the reality in my opinion.”Was stated.

If you really can’t make a sequel to Snyder Cut, then there’s no “beyond” the big Cliffhanger. But what is the end of the new Justice League story? Depending on the content, it is quite possible that there will be calls for a sequel …?

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