“Justice League” writer Joss Whedon’s version is “vandalism” ─ “I decided to shut up”

DC movieJustice League』(Chris Terrio, who wrote the original script in 2017), has severely criticized the movie version as “vandalism.”

“Justice League”Zack SnyderAfter the director’s departure, “Avengers” (2012) directed by Joss Whedon took over and completed. However, the style changed from director Snyder, and he was criticized by fans. Ray Fisher accused Whedon of harassment in July 2020, and bashing coverage of Whedon and theatrical releases has continued for the past few months.

On April 6, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter published a long article with an interview with Ray Fisher as Cyborg / Victor Stone. Following this, the US Vanity Fair also posted an interview with Chris Terrio, who wrote the original script with Zack Snyder, on the 8th.

In the 2017 movie version, that was a vandalism.I don’t think I would say that because Zack is too gentleman, but I do, “said Terio, who received a major rewrite of the script by Joss Whedon. “I was silent when (Zack Snyder’s) uniqueness was erased from the 2017 edition, because I couldn’t say anything. Of course I was hurt,” he said in a theatrical release. Is criticized as “a dinosaur bone that was once huge and solid”.

It is said that Terio first saw the movie version a few weeks before the movie was released, during the production of “Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker” (2019). After seeing the finished “Justice League” in the studio, Terio immediately contacted a lawyer.I asked you to erase my nameThat’s it. It means that it was different from the work that they wanted to do, and that it was a disgrace to add their own name to it.

However, since the preparation of materials such as printed matter had already been completed, it was not possible to collect them, and in the end the movie was released with the name of Chris Terrio remaining. If it had been collected, the release of the movie would have been postponed, saying, “That would be a global scandal and a news story. So I decided to shut up and say nothing. I haven’t spoken a word about “Justice League” since then. That movie isn’t my job. “

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