“Justice League: Zack Snyder’Cut” to be released in early summer in Japan

This is the long-awaited news for fans.

DC movie “Justice League』(2017) was dropped during productionZack SnyderRevived based on the director’s initial concept, “Snyder cut“Zack Snyder’s Justice League”Digital distribution & Blu-ray release in Japan in early summer 2021 as the Japanese title “Justice League: Zack Snyder’Cut”It was announced that Warner Brothers Japan GK reported.

The US video distribution service HBO Max and other countries around the world will start distribution from March 18, 2021, but only Japan and China were not included here. It has finally become clear that Japan will land later than overseas.

Prior to this,A campaign will also be held in which only 20 people from Japan will be invited to the advance online preview (English version only / no subtitles) to be held in the United States from 10:00 AM local time on Saturday, March 13th... It will be the fastest chance in the world to watch the main story before anyone else. For details on application, see DC Japan Official Twitter (@dc_jp) Will guide you.

In addition, “Justice League: Zack Snyder Cut”There are no plans to release it to the theaterThat is.Detailed release information will be announced on April 16th (Friday)Scheduled.

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