“Justice League: Zack Snyder’Cut” US trailer, threat of the dark side ─ The brave figure of Green Lantern

DC movie “Justice League』(2017) was dropped during productionZack SnyderRevive based on the director’s initial conceptFrom “Justice League: Zack Snyder’Cut”, a new trailer video will be released in the US just before worldwide distributionWas done.

“It’s the beginning of the end.” … Under the disturbing voice of Steppenwolf, DC’s worst villain, Dark Side, finally appears. The video shows the power to destroy one planet. “This world is divided. There are no guardians. Lanterns, too.kryptonPeople too. It falls in his name. ” “I have transformed the world into ashes. Everything is mine.” In the scene of the ancient decisive battle,Green lanternThe brave figure of (Yalan Gur) can also be clearly confirmed.

AquamanIs worried that the enemy will come from far away. To face this crisisBatmanBruce WayneStruggled to unite the power of the heroes. “That man” is back there. “The second chance, don’t waste it anymore”,SupermanClark KentThat’s right.

Batman,Wonder woman, Aquaman,flashcyborgFight with all his might. “It doesn’t matter how much hell he fights with how many demons. Now we’re one,” Bruce throws a reliable word.

The battle between heroes and villains is projected one after another in a majestic image such as Zack Snyder’s explosion, which was not seen in the movie version.Jared LetoPlaysJokerThe figure is also mixed, and the end is finished with a cut in which 6 people are lined up horizontally.

The 2017 theatrical release of “Justice League” was forced to drop during production by Zack, and his successor, Joss Whedon, undertook a major re-shooting and re-editing. It became clear that the finish was very different from the concept by Zack, and among the fans, “Snyder’s cutThe demand for “was getting stronger. Warner Brothers /DC ComicsThe side has denied the existence of Snyder Cut, but announced the official release in May 2020. With an additional budget of $ 70 million, it was re-edited and recreated by additional shooting.

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