“Legend of Shang-Chi / Ten Rings” The father of the new hero is a villainous villain, and the core of the story is “family”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) new movieShang Chi/ Legend of Ten Rings ”Finally, the long-awaited new hero will appear in Phase 4 of the MCU, which began after “Avengers: Endgame” (2019).The first appearance in a single movie is Captain Larson played by Brie LarsonMarvelSince then, the importance as a character can be seen. Entertainment Weekly reveals new information about the story and characters of the film.

The main character of the story, Shang-Chi, is a “normal young man” in his twenties who lives in San Francisco, USA. He had a secret, living purposelessly and spending most of his daily life playing with friends. It was that he once trained to become an assassin under his strict father. Shang-Chi, who is now aiming for “ordinary”, will be brought back to the original world by the hands of his evil father ….

Producer Jonathan Schwartz“The core of Shang-Chi in comics is family drama”I affirm that.Act as a directorDestin Daniel CrettonIs a master of suppressed human dramas such as “Short Term” (2013) and “Just Mercy from 0%” (2019). This is the first blockbuster movie and the first action movie, but Schwartz said the director was attracted to Shang-Chi as a “family drama.”

“Early, Destin focused on being a family drama (the story of Shang-Chi).What does the extremely dark and even abusive home environment of a broken home bring to children over time?,about it. “

Shang-Chi’s father, Wen Wu, is a man who has committed crimes and is trying to get his son to follow the same path. He is a villain who has several names and is also known as Mandarin, the leader of the criminal organization “Ten Rings” that appeared in the “Iron Man” series and “Ant-Man” (2015). Shang-Chi is set to know his identity and have been away from his father for 10 years.

By the way, Wen Wu is an original character that does not appear in comics.Therefore Mr. Schwartz“(Comic fans) may expect something special when you hear Mandarin, but it may be different. It’s a more complex and multi-layered character than the name.”Emphasized his own approach. In addition, it seems that the role is further deepened by the role of Tony Leung, a famous actor known for the “Infernal Affairs” series and Wong Kar-wai’s work.Cretton has a person who could be one-sided“Villain with deep affection”I am complimenting that it has become.

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