Live-action version of “Powerpuff Girls” Mojo Jojo Jr. Appears ─ A role that is captivated by girls as an otaku

CartoonAnimePowerpuff GirlsIs a familiar villain in anime for the live-action drama project.Mojo Jojo’s sonTurned out to appear.The same role is played by “I Didn’t Do It!” (2014-2015), etc.Nicholas Podani.. The US Deadline and others have reported.

The anime “Powerpuff Girls” has been broadcast in series on Cartoon Network since the 1990s, and started broadcasting in Japan in 2001. The main characters are girls with super power, born from the experiment of Dr. Utonium. Mojo Jojo is a chimpanzee villain who is abandoned by the Powerpuff Girls and Dr. Utonium and has the ambition to conquer the world.

In the drama version, the Powerpuff Girls are portrayed as “a disappointed 20’s who lost his childhood in the fight against crime” as he grew up from a girl. Can they really rally for the world?Mojo Jojo Jr. that appears in this workJoseph Jojo Mondel Jr.Is a nerdy person with a strong desire for power and a dangerous existence. Also, unlike his father, who has a grudge against the Powerpuff Girls, they are fascinated by them. It may be that it does not appear as a villain.

In the cast of The Powerpuff Girls, “Agents of Shield” (2013-) Chloe Bennet will play the role of leader Blossom, “Descendants” series Dove Cameron will play the role of Bubbles, and musician Yana Perot will play the role of Buttercup. The names are listed. Dr. Utonium will be played by Donald Faison, such as Kick-Ass / Justice Forever (2013).

The pilot version is directed by Maggie Kiley, such as “American Horror Story” (2017-) and “Riverdale” (2017-). The script includes Diablo Cody from “JUNO” (2007) and Heather Renier from “Veronica Mars” (2019). Executive producers include “Green Lantern” (2011) Greg Berlanti and “THE FLASH” Sarah Schechter. It will be broadcast in the US on the CW station.

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