“Lord of the Rings” drama version, cast of shooting participation leaves ─ ─ Exhales complicated feelings “What can not be done”

A drama version based on “The Lord of the Rings” by JR TolkienLord of the Ring(Original title: Lord of the Rings) ”, Tom Budge was found to have dropped out of the work even though he was participating in the shooting. Badge himself announced his departure and revealed his current state of mind.

Drama version

Shooting of the drama version will start in February 2020. On the way, although it was forced to suspend due to the influence of Corona, it seems that it was resumed safely and it was proceeding smoothly aiming for delivery within 2021.

Meanwhile, actor Tom Budge, who participated in the series as a member of the additional cast announced in December 2020, announced his dismissal on Instagram. It seems that he has left a good relationship with Amazon Sutdios and the cast producers who are in charge of production, but on the other hand, he reveals a complicated feeling mixed with sadness as follows.

“Dear ones. It’s very sad to spell this out, but I’m leaving Amazon’s Lord of the Rings.

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