“Lords of Chaos” Sigur Rós Trailer ─ Ridley Scott also “I like it”

Frenzyyouthmovies“Lords of Chaos”A new trailer has been delivered.This work is an evil blackmetalbandIt is a work that depicts the horror of “Mayhem”, but it is a song by Sigur Rós who was in charge of the drama, and it is an impressive trailer with a mysterious atmosphere.

That masterRidley ScottThe director also about this work“It’s very real and I think it was hard to make this. I like it!”I have sent a comment.

1987, Oslo, Norway. 19-year-old guitarist Euronymous was enthusiastic about the activity of a completely new band “Mayhem” pursuing “true black metal” with vocal dead. Dead chopped his body during the live, sprinkled his blood on the audience, and threw the head of a pig repeatedly, and Mayhem was enthusiastically accepted by the black metal scene due to its extremeness. .. However, one day, Dead pulled his head out with a shotgun and committed suicide …

The discoverer, Euronymous, is charismatic by taking pictures of his best friend’s corpse with scattered brains, sending skull fragments to his friends, and touting them. With the record shop “Helvete (hell)” as the base, he created an inner circle to compete for “who is the most evil” and reigned as the king.

However, the battle for initiative became fierce after the church arson caused by member Vague. As the curb stopped working, a frenzy that even they couldn’t imagine awaited.

Starring is Rory Culkin, the younger brother of Macaulay Culkin in the “Home Alone” series.Other co-stars include Val Kilmer’s son Jack Kilmer and Skarsgård’s Volter Skarsgård... Road shows at Cinemart Shinjuku, Cinemart Shinsaibashi, etc. from March 26, 2021, and will be released sequentially thereafter.

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