“Mad Max” Furiosa solo movie, a long-standing epic story ─ The biggest movie in Australian history

Mad max The day before the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015)Furiosa (original title: Furiosa)The story remains unknown, but it seems that a grand story over the years will be drawn.

Take a megaphone for “Furiosa” at 7NEWS AustraliaGeorge MillerThe director said, “Mad Max: Fury Road”I was drawing the events of 3 days and 2 nightsHowever, regarding the previous day’s tan, “This is a saga. A long-standing story unfolds.That is why there are various elements“. While it is said that it will be the biggest movie ever shot in Australia, “I didn’t want to make a magnificent movie. This is just the story I wanted to tell.” Said.

The performers of this work are “Queen’s Gambit” (2020)Anya Taylor-JoyIs listed as Furiosa, andChris Hemsworth, Yahya Abdul Matine II is participating. George Miller will continue to be in charge of the director, screenplay, and production. In addition to the production team that continues from the previous work, co-writer Nick Lasouris, music junkie XL, editor Margaret Sixel, art Colin Gibson, acoustic editor Ben Osmo, production Doug Mitchell, make-up Designer Lesley Vanderwalt and stunt coordinator Guy Norris have been appointed.

It should be noted thatThe filming of this film will be carried out locally with financial support from Australia’s New South Wales and the federal government.ThatRegarding the timing, while it is reported that it will start in June 2021, some reports that it will be held in 2022, so I would like to continue to pay attention to future trends. By the way, director George Miller also reported that the shooting of the new movie “Three Thousand Years Of Longing (original title)” has been completed, and it is said that it is currently being edited.

“Furiosa” will be released in the United States on June 23, 2023.

Source:  7NEWS Australia , Collider

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