Mads Mikkelsen auditioned for “Fantastic Four” ─ “It was humiliating”, looking back on bitter memories

Known for “007 Casino Royale” (2005), “Doctor Strange” (2016), “Hannibal” (2013-2015), etc.Mads Mikkelsen.. Apparently in the past, “Fantastic four』(2005) seems to have participated in the cast audition.

In an interview with Vulture, Matz looks back on what happened after his appearance in James Bond Royale. An American agent said, “I was told that the wave of acting was coming.”I didn’t have a chance to think about whether it was the movie I wanted to appear in, so I just auditioned.“.

One of the auditions is “Fantastic Four” by Tim Story.Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic role was received. Reed Richards is a stretchable character, but Matz didn’t seem to be convinced that he was required to play such a role. “I felt that I completely lost my confidence as an actor.I was supposed to stand with someone reading the paper in the office, pretending to have long arms and saying a line.」。

Matz continued, “I think most castings are determined by the first impression,” he said, “pretending that the person entering the room has a 25-meter arm, like a rubber man.” I think it’s rude to ask for a line. ” “I felt like I was sane because I said,” Put the coffee cup there, “and there is no scene.It was really humiliating“. The audition for “Fantastic Four” seems to be a bitter memory for Matz.

Source: Vulture

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