Mads Mikkelsen praises the script for the fifth Indiana Jones movie ─ Tips for playing the role

The popular adventure movie “Harrison Ford”Indiana Jones』Appeared in the 5th work of the seriesMads MikkelsenHowever, he praises the script.

Mats will participate in the fifth Indiana Jones series in mid-April 2021. Although the role has not been revealed, he will be involved with Indy who plays Harrison Ford as the main character.

Such Mats seems to be preparing for the role creation for the shooting scheduled to start in the summer of 2021, and while revealing his feelings for participating in the US Collider, “I am very, very excited”, the first It is reported that he re-appreciated the work “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981). “(The first one) was very well made and fascinating. With great storytelling.”

Based on this, “I am honored to be a member of the franchise that I have grown with,” said Matz, who once again expressed his joy in participating in the fifth film. For the script, “It was packed with everything I wanted to be.It was just great“It is a big rave. Indy’s new story must delight fans, as Matz, a big fan of the series, says, “I’ve grown together.”

Also noteworthy is the role played by Matz. In each of the series, there are friends who go on an adventure with Indy, and villains who stand in front of them, but on which side will Matz appear? This seems to be fun until the official announcement, but Matz seems to give a hint as to what role he will play. Matz, who is also involved in character modeling, cites the atmosphere of past works and the name of actor Peter Lorre who performed a villain in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Tomorrow” (1934). However, he has foretold an exchange with Indy.

I think I was offered (in the 5th work) to make a character.. That’s what everyone wants. That’s why (the producer) chooses specific actors who come up with something, and it’s always a collaboration. Interestingly enough, Indiana Jones has a mix of different genres, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark. There’s something a little different, like Peter Lore in the 1930s. Then there’s a straight guy named Indiana Jones. He (Indy) creates a lot of weirdness and fun, but there are characters of different genres in these movies. “

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