“Magic Mike” becomes a reality program ─ Channing Tatum & Soderbergh Executive Producer

Channing TatumStarring,Steven Soderberghby”Magic Mike]Series-based competition program “The Real Magic Mike(原題)Was decided to be produced. The US IndieWire and others have reported.

The “Magic Mike” series depicts the world of men’s strippers based on Channing Tatum’s experience working as a stripper. The hugely popular “Magic Mike” series was staged not only in movies but also in Las Vegas, USA.

「The Real Magic Mike」は、“Transform men into real magic microphones”A program of the project. Ten men gain new confidence while exposing their souls, strengthening their bodies, and refining their performance. In addition to the prize money, the one selected as the only Real Magic Mike will be entitled to perform on the stage “Magic Mike Live” in Las Vegas, USA.

In addition to Soderbergh & Tatum, Reid Carolin and Gregory Jacobs from the “Magic Mike” series are also participating as executive producers. Carolyn was the producer and screenwriter of the Magic Mike series, and Jacobs was the director of Magic Mike XXL (2015). Participants are currently being recruited and will be broadcast on HBO Max in the latter half of 2021.


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