Margot Robbie’s bank robbery scene, “Dreamland” tense main video

It’s completely different from the pop and crazy role of Harley Quinn, who also enjoyed criminal acts.“Dreamland”Margot can be pretended. From “Dreamland” released on April 9, 2021Margot RobbieA scene was delivered in which Alison, who plays, attacks a bank. It seems to be reminiscent of the masterpiece “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967).

A 17-year-old boy who is trapped in a boring daily life while admiring the unknown adult world and exciting adventures, and a beautiful wanted criminal who captivated him. Men and women from completely different worlds meet by chance and gradually communicate with each other. As an accomplice who believed in a “dreaming place” that should be somewhere other than here …

The main video captures Eugene, who is full of tension looking for investigation materials for a bank robbery in a dark sheriff’s office. Alison and his girlfriend, Perry, attacked the bank and soon became a battle with the police. In the turmoil, Alison got into the car with an anxious look, but a girl was shot and lay there. Allison’s work emerges one after another from the remaining photographs.

Margot Robbie says the role of Allison was “a difficult role to understand at first.” “But it was fun to play. I was attracted to the desperate feelings of that place at that time. I was close to people who had lost their fortune due to the Dust Bowl (sandstorm that appears in the play) and were just trying to survive. I thought it was a place that would push people to the limit. I was curious about what to do when people were in such a desperate place, and I decided to delve into that side of Allison. “

Finn Cole, a young stock starring Netflix “Peky Blinders” and “Fast & Furious 9”, plays the role of a boy who is in love with a bank robber who plays Margot. Set in a sandstorm-blown land that has been visualized with overwhelming power, a ephemeral and vivid love story was born here, woven by two people seeking an exit. Their fate, swaying between innocence and guilt, is ephemeral and thrilling.

“Dreamland” will be released nationwide on April 9, 2021 (Friday) at Shinjuku Musashinokan and others.

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