Marvel drama “Iron Heart” screenwriter decided ─ Up-and-coming drama “Snowpiercer” “Amazing Stories” etc.

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama series “Iron Heart(Original title: Ironheart)As a headwriterChinaka HodgeWas inaugurated. The US Variety reports.

Hodge, who was selected as one of the screenwriters, is known for his dramas such as “Snowpiercer” (2020-) and “Amazing Stories” (2020). An up-and-coming screenwriter who is highly regarded in Hollywood is participating in the MCU for the first time. According to The Hollywood Reporter in the US, this work consists of 6 episodes, and a writer’s room * will be set up from May 2021.

* A work room where multiple screenwriters in charge of the drama series gather to determine the story and composition.

The main character of this work is a genius inventor named Lili Williams. Continued from 2016MarvelIn the comic series “Invincible Iron Man”, Tony Stark retired from Iron Man, and 15-year-old genius girl Lili Williams, who has a brain that surpasses him, plays an active role as a hero in a suit he made himself. The figure of doing is drawn.

Dominique Thorne will play the role of Lili Williams in the first MCU work in which a black woman is the main character. He is an up-and-coming actress known for “If Beale Street Could Lovers” (2018) and “Judas & the Black Messiah”. By the way, Dominique was selected as the same role without auditioning at all.

Source:Variety , The Hollywood Reporter

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