Marvel drama “Loki” is a crime thriller, but “maybe you don’t think so”

Marvel Cinematic UniverseThe (MCU) drama series will start in January 2021 and will reach its third work as early as June. Following “WandaVision” and “Falcon & Winter Soldier”Tom HiddlestonReplays Thor’s younger brother, “God of Mischief”LokiThat’s right. It will be delivered simultaneously in Japan and the United States from June 11, 2021 (Friday).

As the long-awaited start of delivery approaches little by little,Marvel・ In the studioKevin FeigePast comments by the president are drawing attention again. In January 2021, when “WandaVision” had just started, President Feige told IMDb about “Loki”.

“‘WandaVision’ is monochrome and has a nostalgic screen ratio, so it’s very easy to understand, but it’s important to be creative in every series. It’s the same for both Marvel Studios movies and TV.” Falcon & Winter Soldier is a big buddy action andI don’t say much about “Loki”, but it’s a fascinating and eccentric work.We are “crimeThrillerIt may not seem like that.。」

“Loki” draws the story after “Avengers: Endgame” (2019). Loki, who was captured by the Avengers in the past world, accidentally got a four-dimensional cube and tried to escape. However, Loki seems to have been caught again by the mysterious organization TVA (Time Variance Authority) that “protects the passage of time”. At the direction of the organization, Loki will take on the task of restoring the reality that he has modified.

From such a synopsis, it is not clear how this work is a “crime thriller”. Of course, that’s why President Feige said, “It may not seem like that.” However, when I think about it, “WandaVision” was also a human drama about the loss of “Sitcom”, and “Falcon & Winter Soldier” was also a “large-scale buddy action”, but I couldn’t even imagine it at first. It is being developed as a social work with such a strong bone. In the first place, recent MCU works are “SuperheroWe have continued to try to multiply “things” with other genres. In the case of “Loki”, the point will be how the “crime thriller” will come to the surface.

Source: IMDb

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