Marvel drama “Loki” new synopsis revealed ─ Loki, crisis of “deleted from reality” due to time crime

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) new drama seriesLokiA new synopsis has been revealed.Marvel・ Entertainment is introduced on as an explanation of the related book “Marvel’s Loki: The Art of the Series” scheduled to be published in the United States in November 2021.

According to a previous report, in “Loki”, Loki who got a four-dimensional cube in the past world of “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) is a mysterious organization TVA (Time Variance Authority) that “protects the flow of time” ), And it seems that he will challenge the mission to restore the reality that he modified. In this synopsis, a little more information is revealed.

“Immediately after stealing the four-dimensional cube (again), Loki was called by a bureaucracy outside of space-time called the” Time Variance Authority. “He was asked to take responsibility for the crime over time and was offered options.Accept removal from reality or cooperate in arresting even more terrifying threats。」

Here, the background of why Loki, the “god of mischief,” works for the organization is briefly discussed. Loki, who seems to have altered the reality and manipulated the time series, will be presented with the punishment of “removing from reality” from the TVA. But what exactly does “removal from reality” mean? The mystery should become clear with the opening of the series.

The performers in the series include Tom Hiddleston, who replays the role of Loki, Owen Wilson in the Night at the Museum series, Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Beauty and the Beast (2017), and Sophia in Yesterday (2019).・ Di Martineau, Richard E. Grant and others from “Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker” (2019). The script and executive producer will be Michael Waldron of “Rick and Morty” (2013-), and the director will be Kate Herron of “Sex Education” (2019-).

By the way, “Marvel’s Loki: The Art of the Series”, which has a new synopsis, is a TV series version of the art book that has been released in the home country for each MCU movie. Concept art and interviews will be recorded, and “Marvel’s Wandavision: The Art Of The Series” based on “WandaVision” (2021) will also be published in the United States in August 2021.

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