Marvel drama “Loki” new trailer released ─ Restore the reality modified in “Avengers: Endgame”

Marvel Cinematic UniverseNew dramaLoki, A new trailer video is releasedIt became. It is a video that you can fully enjoy the new charm of “Betrayal Prince” Loki.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Is the brother-in-law of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). From the jealousy of his brother So, who is the successor to the throne, he began to aim for the throne of his brother’s hometown Asgard.

the Avengers』(2012) appeared as an enemy of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and others, transformed into another person freely, manipulated the heart of the person with skillful speech, and demonstrated mysterious charisma. Although he was born into a royal family, he grew up to be a splendid villain with a natural mischief, and the “Avengers” was formed after he tried to invade the earth.Marvel・ He is also the driving force behind the mega-hit studio movie.

He who appeared in various works up to this work finally appeared in “Avengers / Endgame(2019). When Loki, who had been captured in the past world visited by the Ironmen, accidentally obtained a four-dimensional cube, he immediately abused it and escaped from the place.

While he has many wrongdoings, he makes many mistakes and sometimes reminds him of a strong bond between his brothers. He has a high pride but is not perfect. Loki is loved by all over the world as a cute and unhateable villain. This work depicts the story after Loki escaped in the “endgame”.

Loki, who got a four-dimensional cube and escaped from the Avengers over time and space, was caught by the mysterious organization TVA that “keeps the flow of time” and “repairs the reality that I modified” To be involved in a spectacular battle that transcends time and space.

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