Marvel drama “Secret Invasion”, Olivia Colman is in talks to appear

Marvel・ Studio’s new drama series“Secret Invasion”Also known for “The Favorite of Her Majesty” (2018) and “The Crown” (2016-).Olivia Colman turns out to be in talks.. The Hollywood Reporter reports.

“Secret Invasion” was developed as a comic in 2008. It is a story that the Skrulls infiltrated the earth and invaded on behalf of heroes for several years. The drama version will focus on the internal conflicts of the Skrulls.Played by Samuel L. JacksonNick furyAnd in “ Captain Marvel” (2019)Ben MendelsohnTalos, a Skrull who played by, appears.

Coleman is currently in the process of negotiating a contract for his appearance, and his role has not been revealed. Coleman won the Academy Award for Best Actress for “The Favorite of Her Majesty”. In addition, he has been highly acclaimed for his works depicting British historical facts, such as “Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady’s Tears” (2011) and “The Crown”. If the negotiations are successful, it will surely bring a new breeze to Marvel.

In addition to Jackson & Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adil of “One Night in Miami” (2020) has been decided to participate. Kyle Bradstreet of “MR.ROBOT / Mr. Robot” (2015-2019) has been appointed as the scriptwriter and executive producer.

Source: THR

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