Marvel drama “She-Hulk”, “Hamilton” actress to appear ─ Possibility of SWORD agent mutant role

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama “CHulk(原題:She-Hulk), “WAVES” (2019), “Hamilton” (2020), etc.Renée Elise GoldsbergWas found to appear. The US Deadline reports.

The drama “She-Hulk” is a comic story about Jennifer Walters, a lawyer set up as Bruce Banner / Hulk’s cousin, and is said to be a “one-episode 30-minute court comedy.” Jennifer in the comic was seriously injured after being asked to defend a murder case, and was killed by a blood transfusion by Bruce Banner and gained the ability as Hulk. ..

Renée Elise Goldsberg is said to play the character Amelia. No information about the role was revealed other than the name,Marvel-There are multiple characters named Amelia in comics, and in the US anticipates their relevance.

One of them is a character called Amelia Vogut. Mutant and SWORD agent Amelia Vogut has also faced She-Hulk several times. On the other hand, there is also a person named Amelia Hopkins who appeared in the comic of “She-Hulk”. However, this seems unlikely because the number of appearances in comics and the amount of information given are small.

Other performers include Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters.Ginger Gonzaga is Walters’ best friend, Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner, and Tim Roth is Abomination / Emil Bronski.The director and executive producer is Kat Coiro from “A Case of You is the Beginning of Love” (2013), and the script is Jessica Gao from “Rick and Morty” (2013-). In mid-March 2021, it was reported that “shooting of’She-Hulk’will start within the next few weeks.”

Source: Deadline ,

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