Marvel Official, The Moderns 1 Hour Endurance Video Rainy Day Release ─ “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is a hot topic

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) dramaFalcon & Winter SoldierIn the third episode, there was a scene where Hemroot Jimo showed a surprisingly playful side. In response to the excitement of the fans who enjoyed this,Marvel・ Entertainment posts humorous videos on the official US YouTube channel.

Contains the contents of “Falcon & Winter Soldier” Episode 3 “Power Broker”.

In the third episode, “Power Broker,” Falcon / Sam Wilson and Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes, accompanied by Jimo, visit the criminal city of Madrid. In the sequence of infiltrating the night club, Jimo showed off dancing to the music.

Actually, I played this danceDaniel BrühlBrühl admits that there were “more” dance scenes besides the footage seen in the main story.

Fans who knew this were amused and made a claim on SNS that “#ReleaseTheZemoCut”. Needless to say, it’s a joke about a series of movements calling for the director’s cut of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Justice League and Suicide Squad.

Perhaps many fans didn’t expect it,Marvel Entertainment has released an hour-long video “ONE HOUR DANCING ZEMO” that connects only Zemo’s dance scenes endlessly in response to the voices of fans.The charming Jimoderns 1-hour endurance video includes “We did it” and “Finally Jimocut has been released. It’s a masterpiece.” “I want to make this video the highest number of views in YouTube history. There are comments of joy (?) Such as.

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